Project Identification & Support

If a major project is brought forward that meets the eligibility criteria and it has been accepted for support by the FNMPC, the Coalition will:

  • Perform assessments on the readiness of communities to respond to, and participate in the major project for which they are requesting support from the FNMPC.
  • Work with the First Nations communities to develop a terms of reference (TOR) that will outline the support that the Coalition will be providing the First Nations in relation to the project.
  • In accordance with the agreed-upon terms of reference, provide a suite of resources and support services including:
    • economic analysis;
    • application of economic participation models;
    • application of corporate structures;
    • options for legal arrangements;
    • options for benefit sharing models;
    • application of environmental stewardship models;
    • policy analysis to ensure approach aligns with provincial and federal crown processes;
    • information to support negotiations (precedents, best practices, advice, etc.); and,
    • communication and support to develop understanding and readiness of the communities.
  • The FNMPC will have a team of advisors and specialists available.
  • The FNMPC will help the First Nations participating in the project develop project specific term sheets for their negotiations.

The FNMPC will not negotiate with industry or government on behalf of the group of First Nations. Nor will the FNFMC be funding all of the capacity support the First Nations receive in relation to the major project. Rather, it is expected that the First Nations impacted by and participating in the major project will negotiate with the project proponent(s) and other levels of government for capacity support funding. The FNMPC will provide services and support to the First Nations through the FNMPC’s funding resources and based on the capacity of the First Nations, and may assist the negotiation efforts of First Nations by providing information and advice.

FNMPC - Project Identification & Support
Project Identification & Support
Project Identification & Support