To date there have been 31 First Nations who have participated.

25 have formalized their participation by resolution. The meetings have been inclusive—both elected and hereditary chiefs have participated in discussions. The Coalition recognizes the independence of First Nations to make their own decisions. The coalition also believes there are strategic common issues where First Nations will be stronger working together. For example individual First Nations are unlikely to have the resources and capacity necessary to do the work necessary to advance the Federal Loan guarantee option.

The next meeting of the Major Projects Coalition will be held on JUNE 22 and 23, 2017 in Prince George. 

To register, please contact Laurie Bonacci at (604) 925-6665 or email


Why have First Nations formed a Major Projects Coalition?

First Nations coming together are saying:

  • they need to be a part of major natural resource projects that are occurring on their lands,
  • that First Nations consent is required and communities will decide,
  • First Nations environmental practices need to implemented for protection of the lands, water and air,
  • First Nations need to receive a fair share of the economic benefits that would flow from project development, and
  • To compare to the other payment options being offered by companies, First Nations want to explore a federal loan guarantee to facilitate the option of greater economic benefits and wealth that could result from of an ownership position in the projects.

Technical Work

Economic Participation

First Nations leaders owe it to their communities to compare all options of economic participation in major resource projects. Economic analysis shows that an ownership position in major resource projects should provide much larger economic benefit and greater influence than payments and terms currently being offered by project developers. A Federal Loan guarantee is being investigated by the coalition as a means of accessing the capital necessary so First Nations can compare the option an ownership position in projects at a low interest rate with the payment options offered by companies. A report of the benefit of the options is being prepared for submission to the Federal Government. The work being done will be discussed at upcoming coalition meetings.


Environmental Stewardship

The coalition is examining best practices in environmental stewardship. Existing models of First Nations are being reviewed and provided so communities can see what others are doing to minimize the cumulative environmental impacts of projects on their lands. Some of these approaches will be discussed at upcoming Coalition meetings.